She mimics video game characters for TikTok Cash

If you watch a live video hosted by TikTok creator PinkyDoll, it won’t be long before you hear her say, “Ice Cream so good.” She will say those words over and over again, her tongue hanging out as she pretends out loud that she is licking a cone. Every time you say the phrase, you … Read more

Ford Cuts Price of the F-150 Electric Lightning as Demand Weakens

Ford Motor Co. on Monday slashed prices of its F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck by between $6,000 and nearly $10,000, the latest sign of slowing demand for electric vehicles. The price cuts come as inventories of unsold electric cars on dealer contracts soar, and follow several rounds of cuts by Tesla, the dominant seller of … Read more

Data revolutions are breaking out against artificial intelligence

For more than 20 years, Kit Loffstadt has written fan fiction that explores alternate universes of “Star Wars” heroes and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” villains, sharing her stories for free online. But in May, Ms. Lofstadt stopped publishing her creations after learning that a data company had copied her stories and fed them into the … Read more

Can artificial intelligence invent?

A group of legal experts is pressing patent agencies, courts and policymakers to address the issue as generative artificial intelligence appears poised to invade yet another uniquely human endeavour.

Help! My boss won’t stop using ChatGPT

Listen and follow “Hard Fork”apple | Spotify | stitcher | Amazon | Google This week, we’re answering more of your questions, like: What’s ChatGPT’s carbon footprint? Why are engineers so sure that AI will continue to improve? And why are there so many venture capital brothers? credits Hard Fork is hosted by Kevin Rose Casey … Read more

What to know about ChatGPT’s new transcoder feature

ChatGPT, the AI-powered chatbot made by OpenAI, has stunned the world in recent months with the text it can generate. Now the chatbot is delighting users again by creating charts and maps and converting photos into videos. This is because of a new feature that OpenAI rolled out to ChatGPT Plus subscribers last week, called … Read more