Snap sales are down for the second time in a row

Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, reported its second consecutive decline in quarterly sales on Tuesday as it continued to struggle to bring in more ads. The social media company reported $1.07 billion in revenue for the second quarter, down 4 percent from a year earlier. In April, Snap reported a 7 percent drop in revenue from … Read more

How do the White House commitments on AI stack up?

The White House announced this week that it has secured “voluntary commitments” from seven leading AI companies to manage the risks posed by AI. Getting companies—Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI—to agree to anything is a step forward. They include bitter rivals with subtle but important differences in the ways they approach AI … Read more

Tesla wants to double the size of its German factory

Tesla wants to double the production capacity of its assembly plant outside Berlin to 1 million electric cars per year, a move that would make it the largest automaker in Europe at a time when German carmakers are struggling to keep up with the transition to electric cars. Since Tesla began production in Grünheide 16 … Read more

A lifelike AI supercomputer, powered by supercomputer chips

Inside a cavernous room this week in a one-story building in Santa Clara, California, six-and-a-half-foot machines were buzzing behind white cabinets. The machines built a new supercomputer that went into operation just last month. The supercomputer, unveiled Thursday by Cerebras, a Silicon Valley startup, is built using the company’s specialized chips, which are designed to … Read more

Google Tests AI Tool which is able to write news articles

Google is testing a product that uses artificial intelligence technology to produce news stories, and direct it to news organizations including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal owner News Corp, according to three people familiar with the matter. The tool, known internally by the business name Genesis, can take information … Read more

The Biden administration unveils stricter merger guidelines

Top antitrust officials in the Biden administration unveiled tougher guidelines against tech mergers on Wednesday, signaling deepening scrutiny of the industry despite recent court losses in their attempts to block tech deals. Lina Kahn, chair of the Federal Trade Commission, and Jonathan Kanter, the chief antitrust official at the Justice Department, released draft guidelines for … Read more

“Substitution Training”: Inside Call Center Workers’ Battle with AI

“These AI elements get really crazy.” The voices of Charlemagne Tha Good, host of the nationally syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club,” and his guests Mandii B and WeezyWTF filled Ylonda Sherrod’s car as she speeded across Interstate 10 in Mississippi during her daily commute. Her favorite radio show was discussing artificial intelligence, specifically an … Read more

UN officials urge regulation of AI at Security Council meeting

The UN Security Council held for the first time a session on Tuesday on the threat posed by artificial intelligence to international peace and stability, and Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for a global watchdog to oversee a new technology that has raised at least as many concerns as Amal. Mr. Guterres warned that AI could … Read more