The attribution study found that July heat waves are affected by climate change

Some of the temperature extremes recorded in the southwestern United States, southern Europe, and northern Mexico at the beginning of the month would have been “virtually impossible” without the impact of human-caused climate change, According to research released on Tuesday. During the first half of July, hundreds of millions of people in North America, Europe … Read more

A number that should guide your health choices (not your age)

At her annual visit, the patient’s doctor asks if she plans to continue having regular mammograms for breast cancer, and then reminds her that it has been nearly 10 years since her last colon exam. It’s 76. Hmmm. Patient age alone may be an argument against more mammogram appointments. The independent and influential U.S. Preventive … Read more

3 dead after a listeria outbreak in Washington state

Washington state health officials said Friday that three people have died and two have been hospitalized in the Puget Sound area after contracting foodborne listeria in what appears to be an outbreak. Officials noted that tests indicated that the five patients, three men and two women, contracted the disease between February 27 and June 30 … Read more

Can you understand the birds? Test recognition of calls and songs

Language has always been considered the exclusive resource of human beings. But in the animal kingdom, birds, not primates, communicate at the level of vocal complexity and diversity closest to ours. Ornithologists have made progress in understanding the rich diversity of ways birds speak, thanks in part to large and growing databases of bird calls … Read more

Benefits of finding a bird group

This week’s challenge for new birders: Try joining a group on a walk, or going birding with at least one new birder. Let us know how it goes Comment here. And if you are already part of the birding community, let us know. Have you met friends – or even your spouse – through the … Read more

From an ancient soil sample, clues to the future of the ice sheet

In 1966, scientists at Camp Century, a now-abandoned U.S. military base in the Arctic, drilled deep into the Greenland ice sheet, unearthing a nearly mile-long cylinder of ice along with 12 feet of frozen sediment beneath. “This was a pretty miraculous engineering feat that was really hard to replicate,” said Andrew Christ, a geologist who … Read more