In charming French festivals, poverty is only on stage

Two tower events during France’s summer festival season each July, taking place in cities less than 50 miles apart. The first, the Avignon Festival, is a boisterous, crowded celebration of theatre; The other, the Festival of Aix-en-Provence, offers a softer operatic line-up. This week, wealthy audiences sat down to the opening productions at both festivals. … Read more

Madonna officially postpones the Celebration Tour

Madonna’s North American tour has been officially postponed. A couple of weeks ago, the pop star’s new Celebration Tour was announced — and it’s a wonderfully publicized outing modes January’s Uproar, which was set to open this week — has been put on an indefinite “pause” after the singer’s manager said she was hospitalized with … Read more

Just Like a Woman: Female Cover Artists Bob Dylan

Listen on Spotify as you read. 1. Cher: “All I Really Want To Do” (1965) Cher’s debut single, produced by then-husband Sonny Bono, was this catchy cover of the opening track on “The Other Side of Bob Dylan”—a sort of solo duet between the male and female ends of Cher’s vocal range. As she wrote … Read more

Living the 60’s California dream in 1998

I hugged my parents goodbye in Dublin and got on a plane to New York. My best friend from college was with me. We had student work visas and a vague plan to make enough money to spend the summer in California. We had visions of swimming in the Pacific Ocean and walking across the … Read more

At the Aix Festival, the premieres of In Pursuit of Happiness

At the Aix Festival, the premieres of In Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness does not come quickly. Aristotle claimed that since a swallow does not make spring, neither does a happy day make a person happy. It will take at least a lifetime. These measures–days, ages, even generations–are put to the test in the pursuit of happiness in two new myth-like works at the Festival de Aix-en-Provence … Read more

The Eagles announce their final “Long Farewell” tour

The eagles are roaming for the last time. once again. The band, whose 1970s country-themed rock hits like “Hotel California” and “Life in the Fast Lane” made them one of the best-selling acts of all time, announced Thursday’s Long Goodbye concert, which is booked as the band’s finale. a trip. The tour—which features Eagles core … Read more