A hurricane at a Pfizer warehouse is likely to exacerbate surgical drug shortages

Why it matters: Some of these drugs aren’t mass-produced. I took The US Pharmacopeia, a nonprofit organization that studies the drug supply chain closer look In the potential impact of hurricane damage. The nonprofit assigns “weakness scores” to drugs, taking into account factors associated with shortages, such as low prices, quality problems at production sites … Read more

The ongoing mystery of the origin of Covid

On January 11, 2020, In Shanghai, just 11 days after the first reports of the outbreak in Wuhan spread globally, a team of scientists led by Yongzhen Zhang of Fudan University has released a draft genome sequence of the new virus via a website called Virological.org. The genome was provided by Edward C. Holmes, a … Read more

Sherry Bays, author of Mindful Parenting, dies at 73

Cheri Pies, a public health professor who broke down barriers with her landmark 1985 book, “Considering Parenthood: A Workbook for Lesbians,” a bible on the “gay boom” of the 1980s and beyond, died July 4 at her home in Berkeley, California. She was 73 years old. His wife, Melina Linder, said the cause was cancer. … Read more

How Gilead Leveraged Slow Walking for a Promising HIV Treatment

In 2004, Gilead Sciences decided to stop pursuing a new HIV drug. the General explanation is that it was not sufficiently different from the current treatment to warrant further development. There was something else at play in the secret though. Gilead was Make plan to delay the launch of the new drug to boost profits, … Read more

The Vanishing Family – The New York Times

Today, she protects C. “He tried to help her,” she said. “He reached out to my grandfather, my mother’s father, and said, ‘Something is wrong with Christie.’” Something is changing. And he just ignored her.” During her teenage years, she watched from afar as her Aunt Susan dealt with a host of challenges. Christie owes … Read more

The report says that health insurances deprive the poor of medical care at high rates

Private health insurance companies that Medicaid pays have turned down millions of applications for care for low-income Americans with little oversight from federal and state authorities, according to a new report by US investigators published Wednesday. Medicaid, the federal health insurance program for the poor that covers approx 87 million Persons, contracts with companies to … Read more

Casey Johnston is the “Swole Woman” with a fresh look

More Than Likes is a series about social media personalities trying to do positive things for their communities. The video starts with a trainer and a barbell, like many others on Instagram. But then, when trainer Casey Johnston lifts the barbell—45 pounds, plus 160 weights—up to her waist, a caption pops up in the corner: … Read more