Are influencers on strike too?

Hollywood actors are on strike. Many social media influencers joined them. So what happens now? The actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA, has allowed selected creators to join since 2021 under its influencer program. And many influencers work directly with movie studios and other Hollywood entities, who pay them to promote shows and movies, whether it’s on TikTok, … Read more

Art gallery or living space? Maison color both.

At first glance, Maison Lune, an art gallery in Los Angeles’ Venice neighborhood, looks just like home. Yes, there are paintings and ceramics on display, but there’s also a bed, full kitchen, and bathtub. And sometimes you can hear the laundry stumbling. That’s because He is house. In early 2022, when Sandrine Absera and Lubov … Read more

How To With John Wilson has ended. what is he doing now?

John Wilson loves trios. He noted during an interview this month from his home in Queens, “There are only three seasons of ‘Ass.’” Mr. Wilson, 36, wore a white T-shirt like the one he usually wears while filming “How To With John Wilson,” the HBO documentary series that begins its third and final season on … Read more

Please, no more pink Barbies!

Admit it: If I never have to see another one of my pink Barbies; If I hadn’t received another email touting how “Barbie-fy” my wardrobe was, celebrating the Zara x Barbie collection, the Balmain x Barbie collection and Privé Revaux’s “Pink Eyewear Must-haves,” or calling out a “pink mania alert”; If I didn’t type again … Read more

SAG-AFTRA and WGA Strike Jerseys, Beyond the Picket Line

Neil Gaiman was wearing a version of a black T-shirt Almost every day for the past 36 years. Then, on a mild Tuesday in May, he decided to make an important wardrobe change. “I’m wearing the first red T-shirt I’ve worn since 1987 because I’m a member of the WGA,” said Mr. Gaiman, bestselling author … Read more

People saw the Barbie movie, and then they shared Barbie style

On Saturday afternoon, YouTuber Shalon Lester, 36, watched “Barbie” with 20 girlfriends and then headed back to her home in Bozeman, Montana for a “BBQ.” She renamed her five-bedroom home the Shalibou Barbie Dreamhouse for the evening, and installed pink balloon arches, a Barbie-themed Slip ‘N Slide, and a splash pad. When the ladies weren’t … Read more