Could the next epidemic start at the county fair?

It was show time at the Young Pigs Fair, and the pigsty was bustling. The contestants, who ranged in age from 3 to 21, practiced walking for the show ring and brushing boar bristles in place. Parents would plait children’s hair and add ribbons and barrettes in the shape of a pig. Dr. Andrew Bowman, … Read more

The Barbie and Oppenheimer Weekend was a real team effort

The contrasting duo of “Barbie,” a hot-pink sitcom, and “Oppenheimer,” a period meditation drama, combined to sell significantly more movie tickets than expected over the weekend, pushing the domestic box office total to $312 million, according to the latest estimates, which could change when the final tally is released later Monday. Indeed, it was the … Read more

IRS to stop unannounced visits to homes and businesses

The Internal Revenue Service said Monday it will curb the practice of sending agents to make surprise visits to homes and businesses, curbing a policy that has for decades been central to its efforts to collect unpaid taxes amid a political backlash and mounting threats to its employees. The change comes as the IRS embarks … Read more

6 hotels for a relaxing summer vacation

Why fight the crowds in Europe this summer when there are so many charming, even unexpected destinations? Here are just a few of our summer vacation spots, including a renovated New York beach hotel; Airstream Suites Under the Stars in Utah; new titles in Kentucky that pay homage to horse culture; and a farm in … Read more