Snap sales are down for the second time in a row

Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, reported its second consecutive decline in quarterly sales on Tuesday as it continued to struggle to bring in more ads. The social media company reported $1.07 billion in revenue for the second quarter, down 4 percent from a year earlier. In April, Snap reported a 7 percent drop in revenue from … Read more

A hurricane at a Pfizer warehouse is likely to exacerbate surgical drug shortages

Why it matters: Some of these drugs aren’t mass-produced. I took The US Pharmacopeia, a nonprofit organization that studies the drug supply chain closer look In the potential impact of hurricane damage. The nonprofit assigns “weakness scores” to drugs, taking into account factors associated with shortages, such as low prices, quality problems at production sites … Read more

Are influencers on strike too?

Hollywood actors are on strike. Many social media influencers joined them. So what happens now? The actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA, has allowed selected creators to join since 2021 under its influencer program. And many influencers work directly with movie studios and other Hollywood entities, who pay them to promote shows and movies, whether it’s on TikTok, … Read more

Johnny Lujack, star quarterback for Notre Dame, has died at 98

Johnny Lujack, the famous Notre Dame quarterback who won the 1947 Heisman Trophy, made three national championship teams and then starred in the NFL for the Chicago Bears, died Tuesday in Florida. He was 98 years old. was his death announce by Notre Dame. When the 1947 college football season began, Lujack was on the … Read more

TikTok Offers Text-Only Posts – The New York Times

TikTok users can now only post text-based content, a departure from the social media app known for its short videos. The new format was the latest change in the social media landscape after Twitter rebranded itself as X on Sunday and Meta introduced its new text-based social media app, Topics, this month. TikTok announced the … Read more

In the midst of the war, Ukrainian couples divorced

But this same law has also caused a lot of pain for men with refugee children. Their wives or ex-wives may have left Ukraine with their children, and at present, there is no way for parents to go abroad to see them. After more than a week of driving all day and all night in … Read more