And like that episode 6 fashion epitome: Blizzard

This article contains spoilers for the sixth episode of season two of “And Just Like That…”

Few who walked the muddy streets of New York during a snowstorm would see snowfall as a call to high fashion, but “And Just Like That…” is set in Carrie Bradshaw-land.

In the new episode, the city is hit by a blizzard, but the heroes have places to be. Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker) discusses her film at the Museum of Modern Art. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Chi (Sara Ramirez) have to get to Widow Con. And Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is out in the drugstores looking for ice on a complicated mothering mission to help her daughter, Lily.

Ahead of episode 6, members of Styles’ office at The New York Times discussed the coats, styles, and earmuffs on display—sometimes barely visible through the stormtroopers—in the series’ latest installment.

Jeremy Allen Carrie’s sweeping Moncler coat by Pierpaolo Piccioli by Valentino is a high point of this episode for me.

This oversized coat, with its feather-like wings, reminded me, ironically enough, of JW Anderson’s Carrie mini purse for the bathroom. What’s more New York than Carrie Bradshaw donning as the city’s unofficial bird mascot?

Callie Holtermann I, too, gasped when I saw that coat. You’re telling me she had this in her wardrobe earlier this season when she supposedly had nothing to wear at the Met Gala? When Rihanna herself arrived at the Met in 2021 wearing a ball gown by Balenciaga with a giant train?

Ja I can’t shake Lisa Todd Wexley’s look (and walk). She was the only group that really furthered the plot, letting her in while camera-ready for her MoMA talk.

Vanessa Friedman Lisa Todd Wexley’s flashy balaclava and caterpillar-fringed cape wins. “We won’t let a little snow stop us,” right. On the other side of the Extreme Bomb Tornado Pattern, there was a Qi in a lumberjack hat and jacket.

Katie Van Syckle Yes, Steve followed him closely, back home.

Madison Malone Kercher I think you mean the only one dressed for the weather.

Ja Does anyone remember that checks were as plentiful in Carrie’s wardrobe as they are on this season of “And Just Like That…”? This episode starts with her in a black and white checkered blouse for a Zoom call and features plaid and more traditional coats later on. In Episode 5, her plaid coat and striped caftan cause a bike accident.

VF How about Miranda’s heart pajamas?

MMK Miranda’s PJ heartthrobs were great, but how are they going to indicate that it’s February in the next episode?

KVS I really enjoyed Carrie’s oversized pink knit sweater, which looked like she was wearing her pajamas.

Ja Carrie’s aquatic flight suit in the Apple Store, paired with a flying suit SJP suede shoes She also got dressed up in Episode 5, and it made me smile — especially because one of her legs was tucked weirdly into the boot. I have to say, I miss the more ridiculous and eccentric Carrie from last year’s “Sex and the City.”

CH The look is made even more ridiculous by the setting: the Upper East Side Apple Store, an unmistakable Beaux Arts building on Madison Avenue that used to be a bank.

VF I still think Sima is the only character who has developed a definite, grown-up style, and it was shown again in the Apple Store, Jeremy said, as she was a dark gray symphony with a gorgeous ostrich feather collar. Give it credit for consistency.

MMK I was happy to let her book my Hamptons home for the summer.

Ja Later, Nya’s massive maroon earrings at the dinner party stood out for me, too—if only because, like Miranda, Dr. Wallace is a character who slips under the clothing radar with her earthy, down-to-earth ensembles.

VF She has her own look. I hope we see more of him.

Ja actually. It made me want to go back and revisit some looks that might have escaped our notice—like, for example, Quilted Etro trousers and heels, by JW Anderson She wore it casually in Episode 5.

VF In the meantime, we can all hold our breath for… Aidan style! Will it be different? Will it be the same? Inquiring minds want to know. Any bets?

Ja He appears Instagram account A picture of Aidan teased in a jacket tied to the pocket and purple pants holding Carrie’s hand (gasping!) as the two inexplicably walk down the middle of the street. Meanwhile, Carrie wears a barbicure gown (wait for—more patterned).

CH Carhartt, but in a woodworking manner, not a file Carhartt WIP x Marni road. Although we hear that Aidan sold his furniture company to West Elm in this episode, who knows!

Vanessa FriedmanAnd Jeremy AllenAnd Katie Van SyckleAnd Madison Malone Kercher And Callie Holtermann Contribute to the preparation of reports.