Lil Durk’s many lives

One of the most popular rap songs of the year is “all my life,” A children’s choir collaboration between Chicago rap veteran Lil Durk and superstar J Cole. It’s the most successful song of Durk’s career, which in the past three years has also included stellar collaborations with Drake, Lil’ Baby, and Morgan Wallen.

Yet throughout this spotlight era, Dork has remained something of a crypto–not a household name, and still more of a cult favorite. The way he courts new collaborators and listeners while maintaining his creative center is something of a model for contemporary rap stars, where staying loyal to your core audience is no longer the constraint it once was perceived to be.

In this week’s Popcast, a conversation about Lil Durk’s early years in the Chicago workout scene, how he reinvented himself after his fascination with workouts waned and how he became one of rap’s biggest stars in the largely shadows.

a guest:

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