Guram Gvasalia on Vetements, Madonna and his future in fashion

He continued, “I give you the best example everyone can relate to. The Kardashians. You have Kim, who is an amazing person – we think she’s phenomenal – and you have Kylie. Kylie is the younger generation. She’s been so successful without sex tapes, without having to go through all the things that were Her sister has to get through it.Another example is Venus and Serena Williams.They are both great.But somehow there was a point where Serena managed to kind of grab her.

“I think my brother is very talented, but I have a very different approach to things. He’s had a good 10 years, and I think his era is slowly coming to the finish line. Now is the time.”

Is that why he chose to run Madonna’s ad so soon after Balenciaga’s runway show?

“It’s the right time for us, after the momentum from our show,” he said. He then added, “Balenciaga always makes the news the day of our show, so I feel it’s fair.” “Always” might be a bit of an exaggeration, though, as he did point out, “They announced Dimina’s appointment on my birthday.” It was true (October 7, 2015) though and it’s time to hold a grudge.

Sometimes it’s hard not to wonder if Mr. Gvasalia knows what he’s saying — or how it might have been received — or if he’s deliberately trying to libel the pot. After all, there’s nothing sloppy about Guram, said Julie Gelhart, chief development officer and president of Tomorrow Consulting, who started following Vetements shortly after its debut. I once sat with him in an airport lounge and saw the way his suitcase was organized. – It was perfect. Everything had a place. He never stops to think. And he’s so meticulous.”

The two are currently trying to separate their public selves. Demna dropped his moniker in late 2021. Guram said he’d rather not speak to his brother about the piece. When I asked for comment from Dmna anyway, he, via his spokeswoman, refused to respond.

However, it is almost impossible to separate their stories.

Demna and Guram were born in Sukhumi, Georgia. When Guram was seven, civil war broke out and the family fled their home, leaving everything behind. They spent a month in the mountains before finally making their way to Dusseldorf, Germany, where the boys were raised. (In 2021, Joram said Forbes Georgia that if his family had stayed in Georgia, “I probably would have run for president.”)