Brock Reinhart and Tom Ceno get married in Denver

Mr. Sinnott patiently answered her questions–no and six months ago–but the people were gathering. “He said, ‘You know everybody’s looking at us,'” Mrs. Reinhart said, “and you didn’t say yes.”

“I was like, Of course the answer is yes, I thought that’s a given,” she said.

To celebrate, they went to the Regis Princeville Resort, now closed, and sat outside calling family and friends. “I think a lot of people were waiting for us to get involved and they were really happy about that,” Mr. Sinnott said. After all, the two had been dating for nearly five years, and had known each other since high school. Their first kiss was two decades ago.

Mr. Sinnott, 43, director of sales at SmartPay, a bill-payment service, and Ms. Rinehart, 42, vice president of public relations at Ann Magnin, a public relations and marketing firm, both live in Denver, but both grew up in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

“I had a huge crush on him,” said Mrs. Reinhart. “He was a bouncer at a local pool, so I would have asked my mom to drive me there, but being a typical teenage girl, I wouldn’t talk to him or go near him.”

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Eventually, when they were 15, they kissed at a pool party. After that, although they saw each other at various social events, nothing else happened.